What are the Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Lexington?

In the U.S., each year, about 26 million people are injured and 3,000 die from motor vehicle accidents. In Lexington, Kentucky in particular, more than 1/3 of all traffic fatalities are due to alcohol and drug use. Motor vehicle accidents also cost the nation $200 billion annually while taxpayers spend another $200 billion on medical bills for those injured as well as lost wages and property damage related to it.

There are many causes for the increasing number of motor vehicle accidents in Lexington. However, despite the cause, it is essential to hire a lexington personal injury attorney and discuss the scope for compensation, especially if the accident was caused due to another individual’s negligence.

For now, let us see the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in Lexington.

  • Speeding

In the U.S., speeding is one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents. Speeding is a major contributing factor in almost half of all fatal accidents and it is also one of the most common causes of traffic crashes. Driving too fast and driving too slow not only causes weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or fog but also bad road conditions such as potholes, bumps, and cracks. To avoid traffic accidents due to speeding, drivers must take extra precautions while on the road.

  • Distracted driving

Another cause of motor vehicle accidents in Lexington is distracted driving. Distracted driving is defined as any activity that permits the driver to take his/her hands off the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving. Many drivers are guilty of this, leading to car accidents. Examples of distracted driving include eating, changing radio stations, and having conversations with passengers in the car.

  • Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving refers to speeding and switching lanes without regard for other drivers on the road, especially when another driver does not follow traffic laws as well. Drivers who engage in aggressive driving are more likely to cause a serious accident than those who speed at a normal rate and do not switch lanes frequently.

  • Driving under influence

Driving under influence is another major cause of motor vehicle accidents in Lexington. There are currently 12 states in the U.S. with a DUI (driving under influence) law. In Kentucky, unless alcohol is found in your blood, you will not be considered drunk if your blood alcohol concentration is below 0.08%. Thus, for Kentucky residents, even if they feel that they have not been affected by alcohol to drive safely, it does not mean that their blood alcohol content is below 0.08%.

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