What are the Services Offered by Estate Planning Lawyers in South Jersey?

People have a variety of reasons for hiring estate attorneys in South Jersey. The most common reason is to leave a will that ensures your children and spouse are provided for in the event you die. An estate planning lawyer South Jersey can also create trusts to protect assets, such as homes and investments, which provide an inheritance for one’s heirs.

In addition, the services offered by estate planning lawyers in South Jersey include wills, trusts, power of attorney, living wills, and familial relationships. The first step for any person is to be proactive about their affairs by creating a will or trust. It should be noted that these documents are not meant to replace other legal documents like powers of attorney or living wills. Rather they supplement them because if the person dies without this information, then the state will decide who will administer their affairs.

Let us now see into common services offered by estate planning lawyers in South Jersey.

  • Power of attorney

Estate planning lawyers in South Jersey can help you plan to avoid complications with financial affairs should you become incapacitated. Many people simply assume that the court will appoint an administrator to take over the person’s finances if they need help, but this is not always the case. Power of attorney services offered by estate planning lawyers allows you to designate someone else to take care of your finances, which helps save time and money for everyone involved.

  • Wills

When a person is ready to plan their estate, one of the first steps they must do is to prepare a will. This can be done at home with no legal help needed. As this step starts the process of finalizing a person’s estate, it is crucial for them to make sure that everything included in the will represents their wishes and desires. Hiring an experienced estate lawyer specializing in wills services can also be helpful for those who have more complicated estate needs.

  • Trusts

Estate planning lawyers in South Jersey provide trusts services that allow the client to decide who will receive the assets after they have passed on. By establishing a trust, the client can also designate how long it will last or what conditions must be met before the beneficiary can receive the funds. The attorney will thoroughly discuss these terms with each client, so they understand their options before proceeding.