What makes LDA Avenue 1 Best among the rest?

Everyone appreciates living in a safe and sound place. Safety is important when one wants to invest, and so the definition of safety diverts. LDA Avenue 1 is one such Society that has security for residents and for investors too. This is one of the Societies that is developed for employees of LDA and is developed according to standards. LDA Avenue 1 is one of the Societies that is developed using modern techniques and world-class architects. The Society is expanded to a wide area of about 16,000 Kamal. There are a number of reasons for its popularity.

Access and Neighborhood:

This is one of the mega projects that exist at one of the popular and demanding roads, Raiwind Road. There are a number of ways to access this Society. As in this Society is just 12 mins away from Lahore Ring Road and 17 minutes away from Ferozepur Road. Moreover, there is a remarkable neighbourhood that increases its popularity and worth. As in it is in the neighbourhood of Bahira town and Bahria Orchard. Whereas it is close to Comsath University and the University of Lahore. This neighbourhood increases its worth and indeed an easy and comfortable place to live. Moreover, the construction of the SHahkam flyover will increase its comfort.


It’s not only its access, but it has a number of features that are a must for any high standard society. In fact, this is one such Society that has every feature and facility that any top class society should have. Below is just a glimpse of what one can expect inside Society.

  • It is a gates community with state of the art security and surveillance.
  • Grand mosque
  • Wide and carpeted road with 150ft wide Main Boulevard.
  • World-class educational institutes in the neighbour
  • Separate and fully facilitated commercial sectors
  • Promotion of clean and green environment through the development and maintain ace of the green belt since the first day of development.

Future Prospective:

Investment in the LDA Avenue 1 is the right decision in today`s scenario. As in the Society is already LDA approved, so it is legally stable to be invested. This is the reason people are already investing and living here. Moreover, the prices have increased up to 100% recently in the last five years. This rate is expected to increase more, i.e. 200%. So this is the best time to invest. Moreover, it is anticipated that its worth will increase multiple times once Shahkam Flyover is inaugurated. In fact, these increases in prices won`t be laid for years, but within months, it would be beneficial for investors.

In this situation, you need someone who you can trust for the purchase of property in LDA Avenue 1. SO the one name that hits my mind is PLOTSONINSTALLMENtS. They are a team of experts who know where to buy and what is the best deal. They will not only help you in buying but will be definitely there once you are selling your property.