What Options will Open After Completing My One Sitting Degree?

One sitting degree is not new to the covid education system. There are many successful stories of people that have gone through the risk and achieved the one-year degree at best. This article will learn about one sitting degree and how the degree can provide you with the best options in life.

Is One Sitting Degree valid?

Most people think and lag in education because of a lack of knowledge. You have to understand every pros and con. And one sitting degree is valid and can get you the best opportunities if you get it from UGC-DEB-approved universities. 

What Is UGC & DEB?

UGC stands for University Grant Commission. It is a sole body situated in India that regulates rules and regulations and provides permission to the universities. Many universities come under the UGC body. These colleges are open, online universities and regular universities as well. 

On the other hand, DEB stands for Distance Education Bureau, a wing of UGC located in Delhi. This bureau contains the authority to provide regulations and limitations to all distance education universities for distance degree courses like IGNOU and more. 

So, it is essential to know both of them before you get admission to any university.

Government Jobs after One Sitting Degree

Many students tend to start preparing for government jobs after the 12th class. And they believe in pursuing an online degree from any UGC-DEB university. So that is also a good option. 

You can prepare all day and night and get seminars on government sector jobs. 

Is a Single Sitting Degree valid for IAS?

Many students want to become IAS, and IAS preparation is not easy. However, you can prepare for the IAS exam if you are a graduate or postgraduate from any UGC-DEB-approved university.

Is One Sitting Degree valid abroad?

Many students want to work abroad to get a more beautiful experience. But they also want to get a graduate degree from India as that is more affordable and approachable. So, UGC-DEB authorities provide a service to get a single sitting degree while sitting abroad.

Can I do an MBA after Sitting?

MBA is one of the best options for people to dream of working in the corporate world. You can take hands-on experience in your job and continue with your degree one year course. But after attaining a degree, you can get a regular MBA or distance degree. That adds a good point to your resume and experience.

What Is the Salary after a One-year Degree?

Your salary package depends on your experience and how you act in an interview. But, without a doubt, if you are good at English and have confidence in yourself, then you can get a decent salary package.

Eligibility of One Sitting Degree?

You can get admission to any of the graduation/post-graduation degree courses In 1-year program. But the eligibility is different. And to check on eligibility criteria, you must get in touch with an experts counsellor. 

However, you must have a passing certificate of 12th class from a recognized board in any one sitting degree. And you are good to go to ask which course is suitable for you.

What is the credibility of One Sitting Degree In India? 

Credibility comes with a recognition certificate. So, you must check what university is NAAC aggregated and have UGC-DEB approvals. On the other hand, you need to check the official websites to check a college’s credibility. You can contact the contact number to know it is in functioning mode.

Another best way to check credibility is to know the UGC official website information.

How can I get my Degree certificate In One Sitting?

You can get a degree (UG/PG) certificate in one-year courses with the help of getting eligibility criteria. However, there is a policy of distance university, and you have to fall in with anyone.

Which Is the most accessible One-year Degree course?

You can get admission to any one-year degree course online according to your suitability and eligibility. Some courses have an accessible curriculum with fewer assignments and practicals like the BA program. Contrary to this, some other courses require your complete focus of assignments and practicals like Master’s courses.


I hope now to have an idea of how many options you have after completing your one-sitting degree. Of course, you can opt for government jobs or the corporate world as well. But the major concern is eligibility criteria, and to check that, it is advisable to book a slot HERE with counselling experts. So they can guide you better.

Counselling is important as you will get in-depth information about the available options for you and what best you can do with the degree in the future. The fees are also a major concern that needs a discussion. And the seat must be available as well. So, clear your doubts with free of cost counselling.

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