What’s It Like Living on the West Coast?

The debate between the west coast and the east coast has raged for years, with many different people arguing their side. The east coast has a lot to offer, including major cities like New York, all four seasons, and a ton of important history. Although the east coast is great, the west coast has many features that are just as good if not better than what the east coast has to offer.

So if you’re planning on leaving the east coast and looking at some Bellevue houses for sale, what can you expect from your new home? Here’s what it’s like living on the west coast. 


One of the best things about the west coast is the climate. On average, areas on the west coast are much warmer than their east coast counterparts. For people that hate the cold, this is a major plus. Areas like Los Angeles and Las Vegas are known for their hot weather, almost never receiving snow. Other areas like Seattle and Portland have milder climates, with temperatures never being too hot or too cold.

When living on the west coast, chances are you’ll never experience a harsh winter. The only downside to the west coast climate is that you likely won’t be able to experience all four of the seasons, but if that’s not a big concern to you then you’ll love the west coast’s weather.

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Although the east coast has destinations like New York and Boston, the west coast has an equally amazing offering of destinations as well. Cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas are fantastic destinations not only to visit but also to live in as well.

Additionally, the west coast has a slew of natural sights to visit as well, including locations such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. If you live on the west coast, you’ll have a variety of fantastic vacation options extremely close to you.


Another fantastic feature of the west coast is its great economy and plethora of job opportunities. Although there are plenty of job opportunities on the east coast, the west coast is absolutely booming with economic potential. Areas like Silicon Valley are at the forefront of the tech industry, providing many amazing opportunities to professionals.

Not only are people migrating out west, but businesses are too. The influx of new people and businesses has provided many great opportunities throughout different areas of the west coast. 


Due to the west coast’s great climate, there are usually a lot more activities for residents and visitors to enjoy in the area. Many of the nation’s national parks can be found on the west coast, providing perfect hiking destinations for nature lovers. Additionally, the west coast is home to some of the best beaches in the country, as California is known for its beautiful sandy beaches.

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Finally, many west coast towns and cities are known for their vibrant bar scenes and nightlife, creating excitement for residents. In fact, cities like Las Vegas have built entire reputations around being party cities. If you want to have plenty to do and experience, living on the west coast might be what you need.

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