Why do cars usually crash bikes? Philadelphia

There’s little question that drivers of vehicles and motorcyclists must keep an eye out for one another while they’re on the same route. Motorcyclists may have a safe journey if everyone shares the road and drives responsibly. However, when other drivers fail to see motorcyclists or act recklessly behind the wheel, the consequences may be disastrous. Consider calling one of the best Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys to explore your case if you have suffered significant injuries while riding your motorbike as a result of another driver’s negligence. Here are some of the most prevalent causes of car-bike collisions.


The most prevalent cause of motorcycle accidents is driver irresponsibility. When a passenger vehicle driver fails to drive with care and caution, everyone around them, especially motorcyclists, is in danger of catastrophic injury. A driver’s license in Philadelphia is a privilege, not a right.


A junction is one of the most dangerous areas for a motorbike rider. Because they don’t notice a motorbike, cars turning left at a junction frequently fail to yield the right-of-way. According to researchers, this is a cognitive issue since automobiles aren’t thinking about or anticipating a motorbike crossing their route. Because motorbikes aren’t often on people’s minds when driving, the effects may be disastrous when they collide in an intersection.

Drivers Who Are Distracted

Distracted driving is becoming more of an issue as smartphone technology progresses. A distracted driver goes into their purse for something, eats a sandwich while driving, or drives while agitated. It may be too late for either driver to react and avoid an accident when a distracted driver notices a motorbike.

Perception Error

Many drivers fail to assess the space between themselves and an oncoming motorbike. Drivers frequently drive out in front of a motorcycle rider, oblivious to the pace at which the rider is traveling. Before entering any highway or city street, drivers should wait for motorbikes to pass. When a motorcyclist fails to wait before approaching a junction, they risk using emergency braking, throwing the rider over the handlebars. The rider may potentially lose control of the motorbike, causing it to slip out from beneath them. In either situation, the rider will most certainly collide with the road’s hard surface or another vehicle, causing devastating injury or death.

These are some of the reasons why a car crashes into a bike in the state of Philadelphia. In addition, if you are a biker or a car driver, ensure that you do not need to be reckless and be more attentive behind the wheel.

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