2 Exciting Cat Fur Crafts to Try at Home

Wondering what to do with all that cat fur you sweep off the floors daily or with those hairballs that collect on your cat’s brush while grooming it?

Well, you can save it for later and do some arts and crafts! If you are a creative person, this idea might not surprise you; otherwise, it is an area you can consider exploring. Why waste that precious fur, right?

You can start by reading crafting with cat fur books or searching online for crafting resources and DIY videos on YouTube. Apart from making beautiful things made of cat fur that can grace your home interiors, you must reflect on why your cat is losing so much hair; suppose you suspect it to be just a little too much.

Skin issues, nutritional deficiencies, and other medical conditions can contribute to fur loss. Schedule an appointment with the vet and take your cat for testing to rule out potential health problems. At the same time, consider being prepared with cheap pet insurance in the least so getting medical help for your cat during dire health scenarios need not be financially burdening.

Search popular cat insurance policies online, inquire about pet insurance cost, then request and compare quotes before signing up for the best fit plan for your feline pet. Meanwhile, read this article to learn two cutesy crafts you can easily make with cat fur.

Pick up this hobby to intrigue and impress your human friends and share these ideas with other cat-loving people. With the below hacks, your cat’s constant shedding can help serve a few fun causes.

Little puppets

Collect the fur balls on your cat’s brush after combing to make beautiful finger puppets. Hairballs can be easily molded into sleek sheets with the help of fingers that will mostly appear and feel like felt material.

Keep them aside for a while and pick thin cardboard. Draw an animal (puppy, kitten, bunny, duck, etc.) on the cardboard and cut it out. After that, stick the cat fur sheet to cover the cardboard cutout and wrap it around your finger like a cone. Add some glitter, gems for eyes, ribbon around the neck, or a bow tie that can make the puppet look more adorable.

Cat toys

This way, you can make as many toys as you want and gift your pet one daily for variety and to keep its spirits high during playtime. Collect your cat’s fur and store it in a jar. Roll it into small balls and then take a felt or fabric cutout and wrap it around the fur ball.

After this, sew the ends and close the gaps. With this, a tiny fur toy is ready. Try this out in different shapes and sizes, and give your cat a tray of assorted handmade fur toys it can happily engage with during playing hours.

So, think again if you plan to throw away all that precious fur settled on the floor. However, it should be concerning if your furry baby is losing too much hair lately. The matter can be more severe than just losing some balls of fur that you can use to make playthings.

Should you suspect something is not alright, contact your vet for advice and medical assistance. With cheap pet insurance, your feline pet will be covered for basic health care; however, you can go for a more comprehensive cover that can cost a little more. Check the pet insurance cost quickly online and consider purchasing a policy that best fits your munchkin’s health circumstances and your budget.

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