4 Ways to Get Rid of Roots in Your Sewer Line

The most common cause of damage to your sewer system is tree roots in a sewer line. Tree roots are in constant search of water and nutrients. They usually gravitate towards moisture and nutrients. If there is a crack or hole in your sewer lines, the roots will automatically be drawn to it.

The fibers in the roots will penetrate the crack to get to the moisture. Over time, they will grow and eventually make the cracks bigger and even block the sewer lines if unchecked. Below are four ways you can prevent this from happening.

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1. Use of Chemicals or Rock Salt

The most common way to control tree roots in a sewer line is using rock salt or chemicals. Rock salt dries the roots by sucking moisture from them. This, in turn, kills them and makes it easier to get rid of them. You can also use chemicals to kill the roots. However, this can damage your sewer pipes and should be used sparingly.

These two methods are effective for the small roots but not the more established ones. This is because the small roots will be easier to remove once they are dead. The established ones get stuck in the pipes and cause blockages.

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2. Cutting the Roots

Cutting tree roots in a sewer line is more effective for the large and more established roots. The roots are cut out of the sewer lines using a sewer machine. The machine is connected to root cutting blades through a cable.

The cable is inserted in the sewer line, and the blades cut the roots that have grown in the pipe. The cut pieces become small hence easy to remove from the system.

3. Call a Professional

The two ways above are easy, and you can do them yourself. However, they are not permanent solutions, and you cannot tell the damage to your sewer system. This is why it is important to hire a professional plumber.

A plumber specializing in removing tree roots in a sewer line should be the preferred candidate. They will probably use a sewer camera for inspection. This will highlight where the problem is and how big it is. They will then suggest a course of action and even repair the pipes.

4. Replace the Sewer System

Depending on how bad the problem is, replacing pipes in the sewer system is a very probable solution. It is also the most permanent one. Cutting the roots or using rock salt is only temporary because that only removes the roots but does not cover the crack or hole in your sewer line. Replacing part or the whole of the sewer system will guarantee to get rid of the problem permanently.


Tree roots in a sewer line are not a small problem and require immediate intervention to prevent creating a bigger problem than you can avoid. You should listen to the sounds of the sewer pipes, especially after you have just flushed. When you hear gurgling sounds, it is a sign that your pipes have been infested, and you need to take action immediately. The steps above should help you clear up roots in your sewer lines.

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