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If you read Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know my poor dad was very upset that rich dad did not pay me with money for the work I did for him. Rich dad was a very generous man. He believed in “fair exchange.” He also believed that financial education was much more valuable than money. He paid his employees money. In most cases, he paid them quite well. Many worked for him for most of their lives. He often said, “My employees value money more than financial education. That’s why they are employees.”

Concept of a free education

Rich dad did not believe in the concept of free. He believed a free education was not valued, which may be the problem with the government’s public education program. They’re free. Rich dad had a lot of compassion for my poor dad and the teachers who worked for the government. He often said, “How can teachers teach when kids and parents expect, rather than respect their free education?” He also felt the concept of a free education, while a noble idea, is one of the reasons the entitlement mentality is so pervasive today. From a young age, children are trained to believe “The government will take care of me.”

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Rich dad did not pay me because he did not want me to think like an employee. He felt the rest of the world would teach me to think that way. In other words, he was training me to think differently about money, which was priceless. He did not tell his son and me what to do. He gave us choices. Rather than telling me to “Look for a job,” rich dad encouraged me to think like an entrepreneur and instead “Look for opportunities.”

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