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When shooting in high definition, it is essential to get the right exposure. The CineBloom filter offers that effect with its high contrast, motion blur reduction, and halation with light. The filters can be used with cinematic frame rates to give the desired effects. Whether you’re making a portrait or a nature shot, this tool will help you achieve the desired look. You can download a variety of content for free on the site.

The Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filter counteracts the clinical appearance of digital photography with its soft focus effect. It produces a smooth, soft focus effect that elongates facial features and softens hard edges. It’s thin enough to stack under another filter, making it the perfect accessory for those who don’t have a lot of room to store multiple filters. It’s also compatible with ND filters, making it an excellent companion to the Moment.

The Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filter gives a hazy glow around light sources. This softens skin tones and eliminates the clinical look of digital photography newsintv. This filter is compatible with many popular camera models and is available for a variety of filter thread sizes. If you need a square version to fit standard 4×4 filter trays, the Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filter is available for that too famousbiography.