Creating Your Purpose Statement for Social Media


A key step in this first leg of the stool is to determine your purpose statement for social media. In essence, what is it you are hoping social media will do for your business? To do this effectively you’ll need to connect the dots between your purpose statement for social media and your mission and value statement for your business, as well as your current overall corporate objectives. Here is a simple template to use for your social media purpose statement.

To increase sales

To increase sales by: Identifying and connecting with influencers and customers providing useful information to nurture relationships drawing the community to our website and blog for additional information and or special offers. Increasing our community on Twitter the number of visitors that come from twitter the number of Twitter visitors that respond.

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Making a Comparative Analysis

As a business owner you know how much any new venture will cost you before you start to lay the foundation for a well-structured plan. The same is true for social media marketing.

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How would you like to put social media marketing on a quota and know exactly how many new customers you will need to produce from your efforts for social media marketing to make sense?

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The easiest way to accomplish this is with a comparative analysis. For your convenience I have included a comparative analysis tool as part of the Strategic Internet Questionnaire in the resource section of the Splash Media website.

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