Online Tools That Every Teacher Needs

After COVID, many teachers have started to teach online. With the help of advanced technology, online learning has become very popular. 

Here are some of the online tools that teachers should have for effective online learning. 


It is an online tool that is used to create presentations, maps, schedules, reports, and infographics. This tool is handy for teachers, as they can easily prepare their lesson plans online. Visme offers various features and templates, which teachers can use to prepare their class presentations, worksheets, lesson plans, etc. This tool allows teachers to prepare webinar materials, personalized report cards, and certificates. 


PDF file formats are universally accepted file formats. Teachers and students all prefer PDF files over other file formats. PDFSimpli is an online tool that helps you to edit, compress, merge, split, e-sign, and convert different file formats into PDFs and vice versa. Teachers can use PDFSimpli to convert assignments and save as PDF. And if you ever get a file that is not in the proper orientation, you can use this software to rotate them. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to change PDF to JPG them because PDFSimpli is a user-friendly software that is very easy to use. 


Zoom is an online application that is mainly used for meetings and webinars. This interactive online teaching tool is considered one of the best for teachers and students. Teachers can schedule lectures on Zoom and share the link with students. This tool also supports chat features. Teachers can handle the queries of students in the chat section and also control actions such as the microphone and video of their students.

Google Classroom 

This is a platform where teachers can create classrooms and keep students posted with the latest updates about their classes. Teachers can add all students in one place who are enrolled in particular courses, and share assignments, projects, notes, grades, etc with the students. After the pandemic, this tool was widely accepted by teachers to manage and provide notes to students. Google Classroom is one of the best tools for digital learning. 


Quizlet is a platform that helps teachers to prepare quizzes for students. It allows teachers to conduct quizzes in online mode. Many quiz suggestions are provided on this platform, saving teachers a lot of time and effort. 


If you are a teacher who teaches online, you must have faced a lot of problems managing your online classes and students. All of the aforementioned tools can help you manage your classes easily and evaluate your students in a better way. Furthermore, you can also use them to make your online teaching experience a lot smoother. 

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