Outcall Massage Singapore and Relaxing through Special Massage Chairs.

Massage chairs

Massage can be done on a massage table, chair or a mat placed on the floor. The massage chair can easily be used when the massage recipient is sitting. There is some special massage chair that is known to be non-robotic and traditional. These are portable chairs that allow the therapist to easily get through the neck, head, arms and back of the recipient.

Massage chairs are quite known in offices, conferences and the work environment. It is believed that individuals go through stress in the workplace and a soothing chair might help them relax well. Back in the 1980s, robotic massage chairs were introduced to be an alternative to the process of massage. The robotic massage chairs were invented to help reduce stress and reduce back pain. These chairs can be used in virtually all environments that you are comfortable with. It is easy today to find some of these chairs in offices and other workplaces. Many more industries now have ventured into the production of massage chairs with more palatable unique features.

What is a massage?

This is a process of applying pressure or rubbing all or part of the body, especially the muscle and joint part through the use of fingers, palms and elbows or some specific devices to help reduce stress, enhance relaxation and improve general health. It has been in existence for so many years ago with its origin from the eastern and European parts of the world. Far more than what records say, outcall massage Singapore had always been a process that’s carried out by people.

Why use a massage chair?

Through many research and studies, massage has been proven to be important to human well-being. It helps you relieve stress, subsides pain, allows for more blood circulation, and enables flexibility and so on.  It can also be used to reduce stress and emancipate from headache, anxiety, sleeplessness and so on.

Massage chairs have been designed to suit some massage techniques. They are effective just like the massage methods. Below is some technique that some chairs have replaced today.

Shiatsu massage: The shiatsu technique is used to release tension and pain in certain parts of the body. It involves pressing and rotating your fingers and palm around the affected area.

Swedish massage: This involves sliding your fingers around some certain part so as to ease blood circulation in your body.

Components of a massage chair.

Nodes and Rollers: We have the nodes and rollers to replace the fingers and hands. We have them in big and small sizes. The biggest one is for the application of general pressure while the smaller ones are for specific places.

Motors: These move the nodes and rollers so as to work on various body parts. They have controls which are located on the controls pad on the chair.

Computer-Aided Adjustment: This feature is designed to level and adjust the seat and other parts of the chair to suit the height and weight of the person using the chair

How to choose the best massage chair

When choosing a massage chair, the following should be considered:

  • Look out for the height of the chairs, and choose the one that’ll suit you best in this case.
  • Go through the type of massage it’ll be effective for. Depending on your own massage need, choose the one that suits your need. Check out if it could render other massages apart from shiatsu and Swedish. You might require various messages at different times. So choose one that’ll meet your versatile need.
  • Check out the warranty available on different types and products.
  • Go through the price of each available price. Do not forget what your massage need is while checking the price. You might find some to have a high price, but you must put into forth the benefits you are getting.

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