Prepare Your Child for the Worst


As a child’s first and most important teachers, parents are the ones who provide the foundational building blocks of education. Parents celebrate a child’s first words and teach them new ones, teach them to count and walk and read and ride a bike. As a child grows up, many parents become sounding boards, guides, advisors, and role models. Parents interact with their kids every day and, consciously or unconsciously, have a huge and powerful impact in shaping their lives. We lead by example and when kids see parents who are open to new ideas and embrace life-long learning it makes an impression.

Uncertain future.

A child’s life changes when his or her parents are teachers who will ask questions until they have a clear understanding of the answers, keep an open mind to other points of view, and encourage their children to follow their dreams on the path to a rich and rewarding life. I often see parents walk a fine line between sheltering and protecting their children from life’s harsh realities and proactively preparing them for what, in today’s world, is likely to be an uncertain future.


The world of tomorrow belongs to those who can process information, see relationships and trends, and be agile and responsive to change as the world changes. And just as our world today is very different from the world in which our parents grew up, the world your child will face will be different, too. We can expect new and different challenges…as well as new opportunities. We can prepare children with social emotional learning programs to set them up for the best possible future.

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