Realize the Magic of Soundbox Payment in This Era

The payment sound box is a cutting-edge technology that streamlines the online purchase process at brick-and-mortar checkout counters. Customers often utilize their smartphones’ built-in payment apps to make purchases at checkout counters. Isn’t it amazing to pay through this device along with music system enabled? Why wait then? Using Soundbox instead of other payment modes is a hassle-free way for online shopping.

A sound box is a battery-operated portable device that plays music and can be found on store shelves or counters. A customer can pay with this device simply by scanning a QR code. A Soundbox will play an audible notification once funds are received. This not only makes operations more streamlined but also prevents client fraud.

How Does Sound Box Payment Function?

The SIM card is installed into the payment sound box. The payment bank’s cloud server and the sound box talk to one another over a GPRS network, which can be a 2G or 4G connection. The cloud server notifies the sound box by message whenever funds are deposited into the connected bank account, and the sound box then sends a speech alert to the user. A wireless connection like Bluetooth is unnecessary for a stereo system. If you have a mobile connection, it will work. Therefore, the payments sound box is ideal for confirming purchases in urban and rural areas. Since it runs on batteries, it can keep working even if the power goes out. The device can run nonstop for 12-15 hours on a single charge, thanks to the included battery backup.

How much Payment Soundbox is important in this era?

Now it’s easier for anyone to get payment confirmation through Soundbox instead of previously made notification sound. It’s unrealistic to expect a business to check the legitimacy of each online payment made during business hours. Customers can deceive retailers by presenting screenshots of the confirmation page for a purchase made on a mobile device.

In any other case, the vendor would still need to wait for some time before receiving the confirmation SMS once the consumer has deposited the funds. The wait is completely avoidable with the use of a sound box.

Furthermore, not all vendors are accustomed to smartphones and may have difficulty using a sound box to confirm payment.

Sometimes, the shopkeeper isn’t standing by the register to confirm that they got paid. If this happens, no one in the store can confirm that your online payment was received. In these situations, a sound box ensures the store runs well.

Features of ToneTag RetailPod Soundbox

  • To get the most out of your ToneTag RetailPod, you must become familiar with its various special features.
  • The MediaTek MT6261 SOC processor built into the ToneTag RetailPod ensures constant connectivity and peak performance, even after many transactions have been processed.
  • Since the maximum power it can take is 5V at 1.5A, any standard charger producing 5V or 1.5A can charge it.
  • Another drawback is that the Sound Box cannot operate without being constantly connected to an external power source, as it lacks a battery.
  • The ToneTag RetailPod bundle includes the device, a cable, a wall charger, and a SIM card.

Introducing ToneTag RetailPod 2.0

ToneTag RetailPod 2.0, and ToneTag Smart POS for Android phones introduce new payment mechanisms based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

In its early days, the company was an industry pioneer in QR code-based payment technology; today, it also offers Internet of Things (IoT) payment devices such as the Soundbox, All-in-One Android Pocket POS, and ToneTag All-in-One Android EDC. The company’s goal for the next six years is to sell five million IoT devices to businesses and include five crore traders in the market.

With the release of Soundbox 2.0, the latest version of ToneTag’s innovative Internet of Things device, the company has inspired greater trust in digital transactions.

Several key differences exist between the old ToneTag RetailPod and the new 2.0 version. In addition to a vocal answer, this cutting-edge device also features a networked screen that displays the total amount paid in real-time.

Also, by pressing the “function button” twice, a store owner can get the daily sales report. This device is useful for enterprises of all sizes, from single-person operations to multinational conglomerates, because it facilitates tracking all transactions and simplifies all daily payments. Hence starts using new version of Soundbox instead of the old version.

The ToneTag RetailPod 2.0 is a smart device that lets merchants record the net amount matching their collection and voice-based validation.

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