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Founded in 2012, Eros Now is a subscription-based video on-demand entertainment platform. It is owned by Eros Digital, the digital media management arm of Eros Media World. It offers a range of genres and styles. It has more than 12,000 digital titles to choose from f95zoneusa. It deals with leading telecom and content players.

More than 12,000 digital titles

Known for its wide range of digital content, Eros Now is a leading subscription-based video-on-demand entertainment platform. Its library comprises over 12,000 digital titles, including movies, music videos, television shows, and short form content. In addition to its own content library, Eros Now offers its users the option to watch a variety of programs from third-party content providers.

Eros Now’s content library offers a broad range of programming in both international and South Asian languages. Its library includes more than 4,400 short-form videos, along with over 12,000 digital movie titles and 2.5 lakh music tracks. In addition to its extensive library, Eros Now offers a range of original programming f95zone.

Eros Now is a leading South Asian OTT entertainment platform that offers a variety of programs in English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. In addition to its TV shows, Eros Now offers ad-free streaming of Bollywood movies.

As a leading OTT entertainment platform, Eros Now aims to deliver content and entertainment to consumers from around the world. To this end, Eros Now has forged partnerships with leading players in the industry. These partnerships have allowed Eros Now to rapidly scale. In addition to its extensive content library, Eros Now also has a robust distribution network. This allows it to reach audiences in over 150 countries.

Variety of genres & styles

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Deals with leading telecom and content players

Across the world, Eros Now has partnerships with leading telecom and content players. This has allowed Eros to scale rapidly. Its content library includes movies, music videos, television shows, web-series and more. Currently, Eros Now has over 120 distribution partners. This includes leading mobile telecom operators, OEMs, mobile wallets, third-party distribution partners and other leading content providers.

Recently, Eros signed a deal with Vodafone to distribute its content. This deal will see Eros Now content available on Vodafone Play. The content will be available in English, Hindi and regional language filters. This partnership will further strengthen Eros’s presence in the Hindi-speaking market.

Eros Now is the leading South Asian OTT entertainment platform. It offers a library of over 11,000 film titles, music videos, television shows and web-series. It is also the only Indian digital brand to have two strategic distribution deals in China.


Eros has a diverse content library that caters to consumers’ binge-viewing needs. It also provides a wide selection of international and regional shows and movies. Moreover, Eros has built deeper relationships with audiences in 135 countries. The company has also expanded its footprint beyond diaspora markets.

In the US, Eros Now has partnered with Amazon Channels and Roku. In addition, it has launched bundled subscription vouchers to provide consumers with access to Eros Now’s online content. These vouchers are affordable and convenient f95forum.

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