Secrets To Enterprise Application Revival

Now that you know that it’s time for enterprise application modernization, you also need to know some of these common myths about the process which tend to keep many business owners away from taking the next logical step forward. While most IT-related industries are eager to going for enterprise application modernization, there are still some hindrances and fears holding them back. In this article I’ll show you some of these common misconceptions and what you can do about them. Read on…

Legacy apps

The first one comes from those who think that enterprise application modernization is the same as updating their legacy apps. They wrongly presume that the same technologies used in the past to develop the legacy apps will also be suitable for the modern day version. This is not true. There are different technologies used for the modern version and there are also different requirements, open source low code application development platform and business models. There needs to be a thorough analysis and careful selection if the business owner is to adopt an enterprise application modernization approach. Technology changes rapidly and if your company is trying to upgrade legacy apps, it’s definitely going to be a big exercise in trying to convert the older software into the newer one.


Another myth that I hear about a lot of time is that the enterprise application modernization process involves a huge amount of money. Again, this is not true. While the cost of implementing the modernization process will certainly increase, it doesn’t have to be a huge one. Instead, this is mostly a case of upgrading or replacing certain critical components within the system.

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Upgrade process

The third myth is that enterprise application modernization requires complete downtime for the upgrade process. This is again not true. Many business owners worry about their legacy systems going down during the upgrade. The truth is that upgrading legacy systems usually only takes a few minutes of time. If you have backup you can surely continue running even with a small outage. Read more about:  la senorita


The final myth is that enterprise application modernization requires completely new hardware. Again, this is not true. While upgrading some legacy systems may require a new computer or server, the majority of modern systems do not. In fact, there are some systems that run on containers and benefits of Rapid application development platform. With proper testing and a good plan, an upgrade to a current system can be just as effective as a completely new computer.

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Perhaps the most common misconception is that enterprise application modernization requires cloud hosting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cloud hosting provides an excellent way to simplify the process and allows for more flexibility than is possible on-site hosting. However, cloud hosting requires different skills, and is often more expensive than on-site hosting.

The final myth we will discuss is that enterprise application modernization involves Integrations and Design Services. What many people don’t realize is that integrating your business needs with a web services platform is just one part of the process. In addition to integration, design services are equally important. Design services are involved in conceptualizing the architecture of the web service, determining the service’s functionality and security risks, implementing controls and interfaces, and maintaining service quality. Keeping these four items in mind can help you greatly reduce the complexity of maintaining legacy products while still implementing effective and secure new solutions.

Last Opinion:

There are many reasons why it may be beneficial for organizations to consider a cloud-native app modernization approach. First, by utilizing a cloud-native technology you’ll be able to free up your IT department while increasing efficiency. By streamlining the process you’ll also reduce the risk of maintaining legacy systems and Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps alternatives. Finally, by leveraging a cloud-native technology you can greatly simplify your operations. If you’re ready to apply an enterprise application modernization approach to your company, contact a skilled service provider today.

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