There are three channels or lanes people will use to engage with your business

Direct or Return Traffic

This is when an individual has bookmarked your website or has received marketing collateral (business card from a salesperson, brochure, newspaper ad, etc.), or heard about your business in some way and they visit your website. Direct or return traffic to your site should increase over time. People may become aware of your business through the other channels but when they return, they will most likely just type your website or blog address into their browser.

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Search Engines

One of the most important channels to leverage for growing sales is search. In North America alone there are over 25 billon searches conducted within search engines every single month. This offers huge potential for companies who know how to become visible in this channel. That’s why I dedicated a whole chapter on how to make your content as search engine friendly as possible. The visitors you receive from search should also grow over time. You’ll also want the phrases that are being used to find your business align with the targeted key phrases you’ve used when optimizing your web content.

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Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube also help customers find you and drive traffic to your business website. You’ll develop strategies to grow followers and entice them to visit you. This traffic should also grow over time. When your potential customers land on your website or your blog, four things could happen.

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