Work From Home: The tips that are gonna save you!

Nothing but only home can give you the comfort of home. There is something about staying in your home clothes on your couch or sometimes on your bed itself with a cup of steaming coffee. With the internet also bringing in comfortable tools such as PDF to Word, work from home gets really extra comfortable.

Have an organised desk

The key to get work done is to have everything handy on your desk. Necessary stationery, proper power outlets, chargers and headphones. This helps the mind to stay motivated, and keep on working for steady hours. When everything is handy, sitting at the same place and working for long hours gets quite easy. 

Dress up!

A change of clothes always freshen up your mind. Even if you are going to change into a different loungewear or another sleepwear, a change of clothes is always good. But it is not just about changing clothes, taking a bath, combing your hair and doing everything that you would do if you were to go to work offline. Especially when you’re prone to video calls, it is always good to look presentable and camera ready.

Do a tech check!

When you work from home, the one downfall is you can’t have someone from the tech team come whenever you want to check on your system so do it yourself beforehand. Make sure you have all your systems in their best condition and working. Update your systems and connect the required additional gadgets such as keyboards, mouses and speakers and check their working conditions. And install wifi routers and check their connectivity speed and service them if they need it.

Have websites on bookmark

When you work, having websites such as PDF editor on bookmarks could save you a headache. So bookmark all the required websites and keep them on hand so you could easily access them.

Eat proper food and exercise

Proper diet is very important especially when you’re staying at home and prone to eating often. Prefer to eat energy rich food and include more fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Try to walk around your house every now and then and do simple exercises 

Prepare a schedule

Taking a break is as important as being focussed in work. At the beginning of a day, make a list of the tasks to be done and prepare a schedule and settle into a routine with regular breaks. It is okay to work hard but you shouldn’t push yourself extra just because you are in your comfort zone. Especially when you have to frequently look at the lighted screens, screen breaks are very important.


Communication is very important. Communicate to your employer about your working hours, availability of resources based on your family’s needs as well. And also talk to your family members about your working hours and the space that you would need both physical wise and time wise. Put down some ground rules to be followed and plan to have at least one meal as family everyday so that you can spend time.


Home is comfortable and making it comfortable to work at home is up to us. So try and lead a comfortable work life parallel to your personal life.